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Why the Need For Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspections?

There are 2 good reasons:

1) Safety of the building occupants

2) The law requires regular inspections

There can sometimes be a temptation to think...


How To Choose The Best Fire Sprinkler System

The first step in getting a good fire sprinkler installation is to get a professional assessment of the requirements of your premises. It is important to realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to sprinkler systems, and that different experts will have their own preferences when it comes...


Choosing A Fire Sprinkler Repair Contractor

Picture the scene…

It's the middle of the night…

You get a phone call from the Police…

"Mr. Jenkins, This is Detective Williams. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your building is on fire...

Fire Sprinkler Inspections in Florida

Hello, thank you for stopping by my website today. I would like use the Florida Fire Sprinkler Inspections site to introduce myself to you and help you understand how to get a proper sprinkler system installed, repaired or inspected. Oh yes, of course I hope we can do business together as well.

My name is Robert Carns. I have lived here in Tallahassee, Florida for 23 years. I'm a family man with 4 children. So for beginners, I'm a normal guy just like you. Many building owners or managers know me already because of my plumbing experience. However, you may not know about some recent developments at my company.

For 11 years I had been doing plumbing. Then one day I realized the need for a local fire sprinkler inspector and installation contractor.

So I took the proper training and got myself certified. Wow, that was a chore. But I succeeded at it and now I do inspections, installations and repairs right here in our beautiful city of Tallahassee. I also travel out to other areas since I'm certified for the entire state.

I take pride in helping make Florida a safer place to live and work by inspecting and installing fire sprinkler systems. I'm dedicated to making sure I provide my customers with a quality and affordable service.

This can help you as the building owner or manager since we all know that during these economic times, we have to watch our costs. Plus, we both know that for the safety of the people in your building (and to be in compliance with the law), regular inspections have to be done.

My team has a combined experience in the construction industry of over 50 years.

I'm servicing the state of Florida with:
  • Inspections
  • New system installations
  • Backflow testing and certification
  • Repair of fire hydrants and fire pumps.

Inspections are your first line of defense against costly repairs or even worse, loss of life from a fire. Furthermore, it is mandatory in our state.

I will make sure your system is up to date with current NFPA 25 standards and make proper recommendations on repairs needed to make sure you are in compliance with state and local laws.

Call us to have a friendly and knowledgeable service technician (probably me) meet with you to discuss your system’s needs. I’m happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your existing system.

I offer fixed price repairs which means we give you a price for the job and that is exactly what you pay. If I encounter anything unforeseen you will immediately be notified. I want you to be a safe and happy customer!

I take life and safety seriously and will work with you to meet your budget so you can make sure your property and life is protected. Florida fire sprinkler inspections is making our local community and the entire state a safer place.

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